Our Family Must Take Care Of Mother Earth

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A family is the basic unit of society. Technically, if we look at it a family is comprised of parents or a parent and then the children but of course we have extended families like our aunts and uncles and cousins. These are the people who watch us grow up and help us learn the ins and outs of the world. Being in a family is always a good thing because it boosts our morale knowing that there are people out there who root for us and who believe in our potentials. 

But a family does not have a specific mold. Gone are the days when people see a family as a mother, a father, children, and the occasional grandparent or two. In today’s day and age, a family can be whatever or whoever you make it to be. Families today can consist of one parent and their kids and it can be two dads or two moms and it can even be people who are not really related to you. A family is no longer determined by blood but by the love that you receive from them.

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If you think about it, a family is like the environment. Everything and everyone is connected with one another and one can hardly function without the other. The ecosystem is basically one big circle and if a part of the circle is lost or disconnected for some reason, the circle becomes incomplete and the chain is broken from there.

This is the exact reason why, as a family, Mother Nature takes care of itself and makes sure that it thrives but what is a family without issues along the way? Right now what Mother Nature is facing is the greenhouse effect, climate change, wildlife extinction, carbon emission, and pollution. These are the biggest issues that our environment is facing and as a member of this family, we should be part of the solution.

What an irony it is that we, the human race, are tasked with finding a solution for all the problems and issues that the environment is facing but we are also the reason why our environment is suffering so much. 

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By July of last year, we had already consumed the resource provisions for 2020. That is a very alarming fact because that means that our resource consumption has sped up which means that we have to double or even triple our harvesting of natural resources. What this does is it takes away the chance of Mother Nature to heal itself and regain the resources that we have consumed. This is the reason why we are facing a lot of the problems that we are facing. 

Pollution, for example, is present in our world because humans have doubled their use in plastics and sadly, what people tend to do is we throw our waste anywhere and everywhere without taking into consideration the possible outcomes of their actions. This is why a number of companies have switched to paper straws and paper bags which have helped in reducing plastic waste but unfortunately, this is not enough to reduce pollution. We have to take more steps in doing our best to save our environment because it is the only environment that we have. It is our only way to survive and as I said, a family needs to help each other so we can help in keeping this family together.

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If we do not take heed and make sure that our planet is alive then, there is a possibility that we could lose the only home that we have. A family should be able to live in a home that is most suited for them and without a healthy environment, the home becomes a toxic place where no one is able to thrive. 

So, we have to take a stand today. We have to be like Greta Thunberg, who at a very young age had started fighting for our environment. In her teenage years, she has done more for the environment than most of the adults that govern the big countries of the world. We should follow her lead and do as she does. If not as radical as what she is doing then we can start with little changes in our daily routine. Maybe using recyclable bags for groceries or metal straws for drinks, we could do a lot for our environment  and we should do it now. 

We do not have the time to be lax and to be complacent because Mother Nature is deteriorating. The time is now, the day is here. We should move now or we will forever regret how we were not able to save the only planet that we had. 

Like a family, we take care of our own. Mother Nature needs you.



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