How To Protect Your Family And Your Home During A Disaster


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The 2019 World Weather Events was mainly about a discussion of the different weathers and disasters for the year. Tornadoes, floods, droughts, cyclones, and winter storms were among the most frequently reported disasters that were discussed by experts and forecasters during the event. Other participants were there to share their experiences and learn some new knowledge about how to protect communities and families from weathers that destroy their homes and livelihoods. There was also an exchange of information from experts across the country on how to prepare for calamities so that negative effects can be minimized.

Protecting Yourselves From Different Disasters

Tornadoes. Assign a place within your home that all family members can run to in case a tornado occurs – preferably a basement or cellar. If you don’t have these two, advise your family to stay from exterior doors or windows and hold on to a strong piece of furniture to protect yourself from flying debris. Seniors should be the first ones to be put to safety, and then the younger kids or perhaps children with special needs. If possible, find time to all present in the home and try doing a drill to prevent severe problems. Also, equip your home with an emergency kit.

Earthquake. During an earthquake, find protection under a sturdy table, staircase, or desk. Instruct your children about safe spaces where they can hide, mainly if the quake happens in the middle of the night. They must have specific places to hide in their bedrooms, like their study tables or under their beds. For those family members with disabilities, installing their rooms with grab bars beside their bed would make it easy for them to move to safety. If you have a pet, on the other hand, assign someone who can take your pet to safety.


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Hurricane. Storm shutters and reliable roofing and doors are practical investments, especially for coastal region residents. Trim your trees so that it doesn’t reach your windows and power lines. If a family member is using medical equipment, make sure you have a generator ready in case of a power outage when the hurricane strikes. Although hurricanes can be tracked, there still have been a lot of deadly and damaging ones that have destroyed the lives of many. Once an evacuation order is issued, you and your family must follow the guidelines strictly to avoid accidents. Always be updated and equip yourselves with a radio or television for the latest updates.




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