Teaching Our Kids To Be Eco-Conscious: Our Lockdown Project

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I have always been an eco-friendly person because my mother taught me that the Earth would melt one day because people will abuse it. And with the COVID-19 pandemic happening, I told my wife that it is time for us to teach our kids to be eco-conscious. There is nothing else to do at home, and this could be a worthwhile lockdown project for all of us.

Being eco-conscious is a lifestyle, and it may sound complicated, but in truth, it is very doable. I just want our kids to develop this kind of character and bring it with them until they grow old. My children must grow up loving and respecting Mother Earth. Otherwise, there will be no Earth to step on if they abuse it.

Here are some of the ways on how we taught our kids to be eco-conscious:

  1. Spending time outdoors is necessary.

Yes, I understand all about the Coronavirus, and I cannot bring my kids to the park these days due to the quarantine and lockdown, and so, what I did was take them to our lawn. It is beautifully manicured, by the way, and rich in green plants. I made sure that my family home had a garden. We spent at least thirty or forty minutes of our time outdoors to play, exercise, camp out, and for whatever reason.

  1. Recycle and reuse are the way to go.

We separate trash and bins at home. The kids are familiar with this, and we also use veggie and fruit scraps. Those that we can plant, we plant it. I let the kids do the planting. We also avoid usage of one-time-use plastic, and the kids are aware of that too.

  1. Water and food conservation is a must.

It’s not that we are frugal, but some people in this world cannot eat and drink. I cannot bear to let my kids waste these important commodities in life. So, we ask them how many sandwiches or servings of food they want to eat during meal times. That is the only food we will prepare. We also have a container of 1-liter water for each of us. We drink using that container and refill when empty. We do not throw out the water, let the tap water run, or have leftovers. Our faucets are low-flow, anyway.

Source: pexels.com
  1. I use a bicycle when buying food.

The kids see me use the bike whenever I buy our food. Instead of using my car, I can lessen air pollution by using my bike.

  1. We are pet lovers.

I have a goldfish called Wanda. My wife has a hamster. Our first-born takes care of a white mouse. The second-born has a parrot. Our youngest is taking care of her rabbit. Having pets will make the kids responsible for another life and also keep them disciplined – clean up the mess and keep the place clean at all times. My kids are good at it!

  1. My kids’ plant!

As I have mentioned earlier, we do some sustainable gardening. I have an aerial and vertical garden full of fruits, herbs, and veggies. It has always been my passion to plant, and you could say, I have the green thumb. I have been instilling this hobby on my kids, and they are always excited to plant something.

  1. DIY projects for the kids are an excellent way to spend online time.

The eldest is keen on watching these craft videos, and I let her. After a few minutes, I just see that the cardboard boxes are turned into something else. Instead of throwing things, she reuses them and creates something artsy.

  1. The wife makes our cleaning products.

Seriously, she does that, and she’s amazing at it! Instead of buying detergent soap, she makes them from natural products free of harmful chemicals. It is slightly more expensive, but at least we are using organic.

  1. We all have to clean as we go.

The kids are equipped with CLAYGO already. Eat, clean table, separate trash from what can be reused, wash plate, dry, and put on the organizer. It’s not hard to do, and kids can be trained for this.

  1. Watching videos of how to save the environment for knowledge purposes is nightly done.
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After dinner, we all gather around the entertainment area and watch a short video from YouTube. It becomes our family bonding time as well as we all learn new ways to save Mother Earth.

People, there is nothing else left to do at home after work because of the lockdown, yeah? With this, we just have to learn something new, and why not start learning how to save the environment? This would benefit us all in the end.

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