Glass Kettles And Water Purifiers – The Secret To Avoid Needing A Therapist Because Of Your Liquids


A therapist in any city tends to entertain clients in different ways. Some have a little friendly chat with the patients to get them comfortable before starting the consultation process, for instance. Others, meanwhile, stock up on snacks and tea or coffee that they can offer to clients while either waiting or feeling too stressed out. And as  clinical psychologist John Duffy puts it, “I find that I’m far better at guiding people to manage their stress than I am at taking my own advice, and managing my own.”

The thing is, a patient who also happens to be an environmentalist may have a couple of issues with the latter, particularly when it comes to the beverages. To be specific, this person may wonder about the equipment used to heat up the coffee or tea, as well as how safe the water that gets mixed with such liquids is. Aside from anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions, after all, the patient may have had a traumatic experience with drinking unpurified water. The construction of electric kettles and the burning of fossil fuels whenever the item gets plugged in may not sit well with them either.

If you can relate to such issues and want to avoid having to go to a therapist specifically because of those, perhaps we can fancy you with a few eco-friendly recommendations.

Top 3 Glass Kettles

If there is one beverage that I can drink for each passing day of my life besides water, it will be tea. I like how it hydrates my body every time, how it calms my nerves, and how some studies say it can take me one skip away from having cancer. “Tea drinking could provide a leisurely addition, or even an alternative, to the mood-boosting effects of exercise,” says neuropsychiatrist Stefan Borgwardt.

Thus, to get the most out of it, there are three glass kettles that I use alternately.


The first one is the Numi Organic Glass Teapot and 6 Flowering Tea Blossoms. To see the edible flowers bloom before your eyes are satisfying. It is as if you see something magical happen. The bonus is that you will get to drink the sweet tea that the combination of the hot water and the flowers has produced.

When I do not have a second to waste in the morning, I bring out my Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle and dash back to my bedroom to get ready for work. The tea will not overflow because the teapot gives me a clear indication if it is prepared to be taken out of the stove. I have never needed to look at the kitchen mitts either since the handle does not heat up.

However, the best glass tea kettle in my eyes is the BonJour Zen Glass Teapot, which seems to be the byproduct of fusing modern and old styles. The wooden stand, scoop, and handle have been amazingly crafted for the tea lovers who are meticulous about the tea-making process. The stainless infuser that keeps the tea within the mesh is excellent too because I do not want leaves swirling in my teacup.

3 Tips On How To Purify Water at Home

Having purified water to drink daily can keep a person or a family away from contracting diseases that hard metals, bacteria, and other microorganisms contaminating the reservoir can cause. Alicia Clark, PsyD, says, “A replenishing mental health day should include consuming as much water as possible, restoring hydration and flushing toxins, which in turn can perk up your body and mind.”

Hence, below are several tips on how to purify water at home for drinking purposes.


1. Use The Boiling Technique

Boiling is a traditional method of water purification. When you allow the pot to sit under the flame until the bubbles come up quickly, indicating that the water is at its highest temperature, the microbes and metallic elements that are mixed in the water will be eradicated. This is the reason why the kettles or any cookware that you make use of for boiling gets coated with a thick layer of white substance over time. That is practically the calcium that evaporated from the water.

2. Try A Water Filtering System

Homeowners nowadays have access to purification apparatuses and continuously have germ-free water available for the people living in the house. Some prefer this technique because they will not have to wait and spend much on gas.

These purifiers vary in size and use. While a few of them need to stand on the sink or get connected directly to the spout, others have a more sophisticated design. Examples for the latter are the ones that utilize UV lamp or pump or floating filters.

3. Drop Purification Tablets

If you are looking for an instant way to purify water, you may get chemical tablets from specialty shops. This is beneficial for individuals who often go to remote areas around the world which do not have a stable supply of clean water. Just a word of caution, the iodine tablets may not be used by senior citizens or pregnant women.

In The End

As the saying goes, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” Heed these tips to have drinkable water for your coffee, tea, and other beverages all the time.

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