Quick Tips On Protecting Mother Nature Against Total Destruction

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Isn’t it astounding how much all the citizens on this planet seem to invest in modernization?

New smartphones, tablets, computers, and other gadgets come out multiple times a year, and every one of them is better than their predecessor. The kitchen and bathroom fixtures that you see in the stores have a more excellent appeal to people, in the sense that you can now keep eating utensils sterilized 24/7 and you may use several showerheads to achieve that rain effect. Of course, kids and adults alike have embraced digitalism already, to the point that they rely on mobile devices to tell time, learn about the news, et cetera.

Nevertheless, as much as we enjoy the luxuries readily available in the market, we should not forget that there’s one thing that suffers the more we allow technology to rule our lives. That is Mother Nature, and its existence has always been in peril since the evolution of the gadgets, appliances, and basic tools that we use every day.

Although no one expects human beings to say no to technological advances entirely, everyone should at least try to do the following to protect Mother Nature against destruction. Ecopsychologist Lori Pye says, “Nature as Mother is fraught with all sorts of problems, but the main difficulty is the complex that lies with nature as Mother and that of the Mother Complex.”

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  1. Only Use Cars For Lengthy Travels

Vehicles generally offer convenience to all of us. However, you may want to use your car mainly if the trip takes over 20 minutes, and then just walk or take your bicycle for short distances. The reason is that the fuel that gives energy to autos comes from non-renewable resources. Even if the car happens to run on electricity, you are still contributing to the damage that the burning of fossil fuels causes to the environment.

  1. Consume Water Sparingly

As mentioned above, manufacturers tend to produce large shower heads that make you feel as if you are bathing in the rain. The tubs and jacuzzies are more inviting now than ever too. Outside of the bathroom, it may be a force of habit to wash your vehicle every other day or leave the faucet running when washing the dishes. “Many measures can conserve water, but all efforts will be ineffective unless two agenda items are set at the top,” says forensic psychologist Gary Freitas. 

Well, it matters to limit your activities that involve the use of gallons of water on a regular basis since Mother Nature is not too happy about it. Drought occurs more often these days than before, you see. A time may come when we will experience scarcity in water, and that can undoubtedly be troublesome for everyone. According to psychologist Stuart Rennie, “Global pressures on commodities, successive droughts and changing market demands continue to add pressure to family units trying hard to retain their farming lifestyle.”

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  1. Avoid Using Electricity All The Time

Since it may not be advisable to turn off Xerox machines and computers in your workplace, you should aim to utilize electricity as seldom as possible at home. Say, instead of having the AC or electric fan on, open your windows and curtains to let the fresh air circulate. If you want to cook something, you may use the gas range. Redecorate the entire space with bright colors if necessary as well to ensure that you won’t need lighting until the sun goes down.

  1. Opt For Biodegradable Containers

When you have leftover food in the house or ask a restaurant to deliver hot meals to you, it is best to put the dishes in cartons instead of microwaveable plastics. If you get household supplies, the detergents in boxes or fruits and vegetables that you can pick up individually are better than the ones sealed in non-biodegradable wrappers. This way, you will only be throwing away items that will eventually decompose, not the ones that will pollute the environment.

  1. Make Recycling A New Hobby

Finally, you should always look for things to recycle at home or in the office. When you aren’t doing much, try to find random cardboard boxes there that can become organizers for the objects you rarely use. You can also create a unique artwork or wall decoration out of wooden blocks, plywood, or metals that have been in the basement forever. As for the aluminum cans or glass bottles that some ingredients or beverages come in, you may sell them or utilizes the pieces for your kids’ school project; or even projects you work on like building toys.

Don’t wait for more scary phenomena to take place before you think of protecting Mother Nature. You have the means to do it now. You should do it while saving the planet is still possible.

Good luck!

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