The Significance Of Having A Sustainable House


When people imagine their dream house, they only have a picture of what their home is going to look like once it’s done. They know the colors of the walls in every room, as well as the kinds of tiles that will cover the bathroom floors. These folks also have a clear vision of the furniture and other fixtures they want in their mind.

What rarely receives much thought, unfortunately, is the eco-friendliness of the construction materials that the workers will use. For instance, the manufacturing process of cement, which is necessary to create concrete, releases an excessive amount of carbon dioxide that pollutes the air. The human-made fibers utilized to make wall insulation are too easy to inhale, and they can get stuck in your lungs. Paint, asbestos, plaster of Paris, and other items produce various chemicals over time as well, which are undoubtedly harmful to human beings. As Elisa Amel, Ph.D. wrote, “It’s not an understatement to call climate change the environmental crisis of our era, yet describing it as an environmental problem kind of misses the point.”

Although these are the conventional materials used to build a house, we can tell you with all honesty that there are now nature-friendly alternatives for them. Once you find those things, you can then create a sustainable residential space that is amazing on so many levels.

  1. You Get To Save Money

How expensive can it be to construct a simple home, you ask? According to Home Advisor, the amount you need on average is $289,063. The costs can decrease at some point, but it mostly increases over time, primarily if you utilize cheap materials at first, and they require replacement a few months later.

If your house is eco-friendly, however, you should realize that no part of it will be flimsy. It is a solid structure from the bottom upwards. Some walls even get baked with heat to ensure that they can withstand different phenomena. Since many items can be recyclable too, you may not have to spend too much while the construction is ongoing.

  1. The Natural Resources Won’t Deplete

What happens when a regular company builds a house is that they use a lot of water when mixing cement and other dry ingredients until everything turns into concrete. They also need power tools and sometimes heavy pieces of machinery, which all run with fuel that’s derived from non-renewable sources. The result is that the construction consumes a massive amount of water and energy, which can never be recycled. “If you own your office and have control over your energy selections,” says psychologist Elise Amel, Ph.D., “choose to get your energy from one of a growing number of renewable energy sources – from solar power or windmills, for example-and install the most energy-efficient appliances.”

When you make a house with sustainability in mind, though, the builders tend to come up with ideas to reuse non-biodegradable stuff like plastic bottles or glass. They may utilize natural resources that are abundantly found on the planet as a cement alternative too, e.g., clay, sand, soil, etc. More importantly, the building procedure does not always require the burning of fossil fuels, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

  1. You Don’t Need To Sacrifice Your Health

As mentioned above, a lot of the materials used for construction purposes are hazardous. Some produce fine dust and fibers that easily lodge in the lungs. Others smell horrendous because they contain chemical substances that no one should ever inhale. While you cannot sign a petition to the manufacturers of such items to change their formulation and expect them to listen, though, you merely have to opt for nature-friendly materials from the start to avoid health risks. And Dr. Chris E. Stout, PsyD reminds us that “without mental health, there is no health.”


In The End

Building a sustainable house is not impossible, whether you live in the middle of a desert or the heart of the city. Not all contractors may agree on helping you create it, frankly speaking, since many people still want to stick to the old ways, no matter what consequences they may bring. However, there should be a few companies you can work with and make your dream home eco-friendlier than ever.


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