How To Heal A Broken Heart: How Relationship Counseling Works

Relationships can vary in different degrees. For instance, you can nurture a deep relationship with the environment and the natural realms around you. In this relationship, you can experience healing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


And as the planet continued to evolve, the relationship between Mother Earth and her people has also transitioned. In a human-nature relationship, the greatest challenge is to consider the well-being of the environment. With the climate crisis and the persistent degradation of natural resources, this connection has ultimately become disconnected and has narrowed down.

Mending the relationship of humans with nature should be forged with a strong initiative for change. Ultimately, there should be unity in rebooting environmental policies to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Additionally, there must be a strong encouragement to seek eco-friendly and alternative resources that meet human needs.

Strengthening the foundations of your relationship requires a commitment to change. It is pretty similar to developing a strong relationship with nature. The relationship problems may regress to aggressive tendencies, emotional guilt-tripping, and even self-sabotage. Once it happens, you might want to consider seeking a relationship therapist.

In relationship counseling, the counselor assesses the couple through their interaction and communication. Conversing can provide them a safe space to discuss their issues and better understand their relationship. By exploring this dynamic, the counselor can guide them in improving their relationship dynamics.

Expectations In A Relationship Counseling

Building a stronger relationship may require relationship therapy. In this case, you need to attend several sessions depending on the severity of your relationship status. 

As a couple, you will answer multiple questions about the dynamics of your relationship. The counselor will ask about the history and manifestation of your problems during the first sessions. 

Emotionally-focused therapy or EFT is the widely used approach in relationship counseling. In this short-term therapy, you will be exploring your attachment and bonding dynamics with other adults.

From there, your therapist will explore your relationship within the family. How well are your childhood or adolescence experiences? Are there significant life changes influencing your ability to have stable relationships? These emotional connections might be suggestive of your present behaviors.

How to heal a broken heart? It all starts with the agreement between the couple to seek mariage counseling or therapy in order to talk about their issues or differences in front of a professional

Meanwhile, EFT is not the only type of relationship therapy available. There are also other types of treatment used in relationship counseling. Some examples include:

  • Imago relationship therapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Discernment counseling

Consult your counselor in finding a suitable approach to strengthen the relationship and solve your conflicts.

Proper Behavior During Sessions

Besides the counselor’s expertise, the couple should also show a strong desire to cooperate and resolve conflict to achieve effective counseling.

First, actively listen to what your partner says. Intervening defensively will only corrupt the message they want you to receive. Stay calm and open yourself to a broader perspective. Understand and recognize where they are coming from.

Secondly, be honest about your feelings. Your therapist will provide you a secure and safe space to express your suppressed emotions. Besides the advantage of confidentiality, communicating will also benefit your mental health.

Lastly, be consistent. Attending one appointment is just a start. There may be special assignments to address specific problems in your relationship. For instance, your therapist may require you to explore exercises that can help with efficient communication. Examples of good practices are as follows:

  • Reflective listening
  • Complimenting each other
  • Allowing the other person to talk
  • Sharing what makes you feel loved

Naturally, it is not simple and easy to delve into your partner’s thoughts. Along the way, you will discover a different version of the truth you have always known. It is vital to trust your counselor. But ultimately, you should accept these challenges as a couple.

These approaches are not foolproof. If it fails, you may pursue alternative healing by strengthening your relationship with nature.

Mending Your Relationship With Nature

Relationship counselors focus on mending your relationship with your partner. At the same time, you may start forging your connection with nature. Using your senses, actively observe how you perceive your environment. 

Activating and improving your relationship with nature requires an understanding of your surroundings. Focus on your senses. Watch for the movement of the clouds, the flight of birds, or feel the breeze piercing your skin. Noticing the small details such as flower and leaf patterns can facilitate engagement with your environment.

Once the marriage counseling works, this is how you can expect to see the couple -- enjoying an incredible life in the arms of each other

Secondly, you need to establish your emotions. Learning how to associate your emotional connection with nature can help stabilize your mood. Experiencing joy and calmness may release repressed and destructive psychological distress.

Thirdly, appreciate the beauty of nature. Please find the time to explore how it translates to music, art, and other mediums. 

Fourthly, discover new meaning and purpose in your life.  Explore platforms where you can contemplate how nature brings life. Acknowledge how earth primarily gives birth to every living being on the planet. Then, you can develop mindfulness of your actions towards the environment. 

Lastly, cultivate compassion for the people around you and everything you lay your eyes on. Support organizations and charities that aim to conserve natural resources. Most importantly, do your part. The little things you do to ensure that the world will continue to provide for future generations show that you have a strong bond with nature.


Human-nature relationships, as well as social connections, matter. If you seek more fulfillment, focus on improving your relationships. Communication and establishing connectedness are some key things to concentrate on. With nature, you need to be aware of the existing environmental issues. 

The hearts that have been healed after a major ordeal that can make or break a couple can make their bond stronger than ever, to the extent that they may even stay together until the end of time

In intimate relationships, on the other hand, you also should be aware of how problems can result in significant psychological and mental distress. For instance, an individual may experience anxiety, depression, and other mood-related disorders

Seeking relationship counseling is not only for couples with marital problems. You can also seek professional help if your goal is to establish a long and healthy connection with your partner. In mending broken hearts, it is necessary to understand how relationship counseling works. Moreover, you have to know how it can ultimately help you.

Finally, healing and improving your relationship should not be limited to personal and social ones. As a citizen of this planet, you should also make an effort to forge a strong connection with nature.

After all, the design is for people and nature to coexist. As much as nature needs our care, we also need its resources to help sustain us. Without each other, it would be hard enough for both to survive.

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