Month: October 2019

Human Creations That Impact The Earth

As humans evolve, their intelligence and ability also go up a higher level. That is the reason why almost every decade and years, there are discoveries of a lot of things.  “Humans are the most intelligent system we know,” says Noah Goodman, Ph.D. There is electricity, building construction, materials,...
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How Human Changed The Earth Over The Years

Perhaps you have seen some pictures of the old Earth from the internet where it looks hugely different from what it is right now. That is because, throughout thousands of years, humans have left marks on the planet. These changes are so evident that even the less knowledgeable geologist...
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More Plastics In The Ocean (The Sad Reality)

Every year, millions of plastic garbage enter the ocean from certain lands from different places. Perhaps it is not something that concerns us because we somehow think that the vast ocean can accommodate those trashes. But what we frequently ignore is the fact that the plastic garbage we throw...
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